Easy with a Zip tie! Laundry basket rack made of Seria wire lattice.



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This article explains how to easily make a rack for storing laundry baskets with wire lattices and zip ties.

This time is an order from my wife, so I made it easily😁




Material bought from Seria(100 yen shop)


Wire lattice: 8×16 squares 5 sheets



Wire lattice: 4×16 squares 2 sheets



Caster 40mm 1 bag(2 pieces)
Caster w/lock 40mm 1bag(2 pieces)
Zip tie 1bag(100 pieces)


Total: 1080 yen



How to make a Laundry basket rack

Tie the wire lattice 8×16 with a zip tie.



The top wire lattice is tied down one step so that it becomes a stopper.



Looking from the side, it looks like this.



If it is only this, it will fall down sideways, so insert a wire lattice 4×16 behind and reinforce it.



Cut the excess part of the zip tie.



Install the casters.
There are holes on the caster for screwing, so pass the zip tie through and fix the 4 points.



It is completed after fixing of 4 places.



I installed a side rack as an option.(+108 yen)



I put the completed rack in front of the washer.



A problem occured!!

The back side is reinforced, but the wire lattice of 100 yen shop is soft, so the front side sank if I put alittle heavy object.


Tie the tension rod and wire lattice with a zip tie.



It’s completed👍



If you put heavy things on the whole, you can make a cheap and firm rack by tie the wire lattice with a hard rod!



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