Learning”Koindex” -Turkey’s new Cryptocurrency exchange-
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This article translated Japanese article(【2020年】KOINDEX(コインデックス)まとめ!) into English using by Google Translate.

“Koindex” introduced in this article is about investment.

There is absolutely no investment.
When I fail to invest, I don’t want to blame others, so I try to learn the essence, and after convincing myself, try to invest with surplus money.

Take action on your own and blame others

It was Adler psychology that made me realize that “this is inconsistent”.


This is my request.


The content written on this site is based on information from the official website and describes what I felt.
Not everything is right, and I don’t expect it to go the way I want.
So, don’t take my information for granted and use that information as a reference for your own investment.


If you understand it, Let’s learn about “Koindex” together.

SIGN UP for Koindex
Not available in all countries.


Along with the koindex registration method, we also explain 2-step Authentication verification and identity verification methods. Please refer to it.

☆This article will be updated from time to time.☆

What’s Koindex?

KOINDEX TEKNOLOJİ LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ is a company registered and founded under the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Koindex, provides users with a service to transact digital assets and other related services.

Koindex goal is to provide you with the best crypto investment experience safely and with potential for the highest gain.

Koindex has formed a team of experts in finance, marketing, and technology development to provide new digital asset services through its unique token, KOIN.

Koindex management members also include the Chairman of the Turkish Fintech Association, and this team is expected to have considerable influence in Turkey, which has a high crypto-holding ratio.

After the press conference held for the media of 50 companies, it has been published in several major Turkish media and overseas media, and it seems to be very exciting in Turkey.

Opening Schedule

  • August 3, Mon – Deposits/Withdrawals start
  • August 5, Wed – KUSD/IUSD sale begins
  • August 10, Mon – Pre-Mining starts
  • August 18, Tue – Trading begins!

Deposits/Withdrawals start

At this time, it is not possible to deposit to Koindex.(As of July 20, 2020)

Deposit/withdrawal will be possible from Monday, August 3, 2020.

KUSD/IUSD sale begins

KUSD and IUSD are tokens that can only be used in automatic mining. They can be used anytime after Pre-mining as well.

If you buy a mining token worth 20 USDT.
It becomes ↑.
※The minimum purchase price is 20 USDT.

Additional bonus

If purchase amount is $2,000~$14,999, +2% earning on Premium Investors Day;
If purchase amount is $15,000~, +5% earning on VIP Day and Premium Investors Day eligibility for Pre-mining!

KUSD and IUSD will be available for sale from Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Pre-Mining Start

Below is the pre-mining schedule.

Please see the price of the pre-mining schedule.

We can mining KOIN at a good price during the pre-mining period.
※KOIN planned list price: USD0.0025

Only XEX holders can be mining on the first and second days.
The only crypto currency exchange that can buy XEX tokens is CROSS exchange.

If you are considering participating in Koindex from the first day, you need register for a CROSS exchange account.

Trading begins

It will be officially opened from Tuesday,  August 18, 2020.


SIGN UP for Koindex
Not available in all countries.


“Koindex”How does it works

This page explains to Koindex Trade mining mechanism in an easy-to-understand manner.


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