How to register with Koindex on your smartphone & set up 2-Step Authentication verification
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This article translated Japanese article(Koindexにスマホで登録する方法!23枚の写真を使ってわかり易く解説) into English using by Google Translate.


It will explain the procedure to register on the Turkish crypto currency exchange (Koindex) with a smartphone, which will start in August 2020.


Koindex registration procedure

Go to the Koindex registration page.


  • Email
  • Password
  • Comfirm Password

Enter the above 3 items and Confirm Invitation (Optional).

Tap “Next”



    Check “I’m not a robot”



    A 6-digit verification code has arrived at the registered email address.
    Enter within 60 seconds and tap “Register”
    *If it exceeds 60 seconds, tap “Resend now” to resend.



    This will bring you to the Koindex top page.


    Please check the “KOINDEX user guide ①” sent by email at this point.
    ※In my case, it was in the spam folder


    2-Step Authentication


    Next, set up 2-Step Authentication verification.


    “Person mark” ⇒Tap “My Account”



    Tap “Enable” in 2-Step Authentication



    If you already have an authentication system (Google Authenticator) app, tap “Continue”
    ※If you have not installed it yet, install it here.



    Copy the Key for your authentication system.
    Please keep this Key in a safe place because it will be needed when you use it on a different terminal, such as when your smartphone is broken or when you change models.



    Open the authentication system app and tap “+”



    Tap “Enter Setup Key”



    • Account name: A descriptive name (such as Koindex)
    • Key: Paste the key you just copied here.

    Tap “Add” after entering



    Koindex is now added to the Google authentication system.



    Return to the Koindex page and tap “Continue”



    If you tap the arrow next to Key, you can download the spread sheet with the Key entered, so if you haven’t saved it, save it.

    Tap “Continue”



    Enter the 6-digit verification code here.
    Open the authentication system app and copy the 6-digit code.
    ※Press and hold to copy

    Paste this and tap “Enable”



    If there is a check mark next to Enable, you are done.


    Please check the “KOINDEX user guide ②” sent by email at this point.
    ※In my case, it was in the spam folder again 😁


    KYC (identity verification)


    Next, let’s do KYC (identity verification).

    Tap “Verify Your Identity”



    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Birth Date
    • Country

    Enter your first and last name, select your birth date and country, then tap “Continue”
    The name “Papa Setsuyaku” is used here as an example, but you will need to verify your identity, so please enter your real name.



    ID can be selected from the following 4 items.

    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • National ID Card
    • Other

    Here, I will explain with Driver’s license.

    Select “Driver’s license” and enter your license number.



    Upload the front and back of your driver’s license and a photo of yourself with your driver’s license.



    From May 21, 2020, SELPHY images are required to have a photo with a memo containing “Koindex and application date” as well as “ID”.

    Like this↓

    ※If you have already approved KYC, you can leave it as is.



    Once uploaded, this screen will be displayed.




    It is OK if it changes from “Verify Your Identity” to “Under Revision”.


    Now let’s wait until the identity verification is completed.

    Registration of Koindex is now complete.



    In addition, please check this page for the basics and the latest information of Koindex.


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