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【Koindex】Trade mining mechanism! Easy-to-understand explanation with illustrations.

  This article translated Japanese article(【KOINDEX】取引マイニングの仕組み!図解入りでどこよりもわかり易く解説) into English using by Google Translate. Auto Trade Mining mechanism When you hear about “Mining”, I think many people think of BTC(bitcoin)mining. But it’s different. Koindex will issue a unique token(KOIN) equivalent to the fee incurred in the trade. Let’s simulate BTC/USDT as an example. 1 BTC = $10,000 […]

【Koindex】How to use My Account, introduction of functions, etc.

  This article translated Japanese article(【Koindex】My Account(マイアカウント)の使い方・機能紹介など) into English using by Google Translate.   If you are going to register for “Koindex”, please refer here.   My Account As of July 2020, My Account has the following items. Nickname Account Login Password 2-Step Authentication Time Zone Local Currency You can open the My Account page […]

How to register with Koindex on your smartphone & set up 2-Step Authentication verification

  This article translated Japanese article(Koindexにスマホで登録する方法!23枚の写真を使ってわかり易く解説) into English using by Google Translate.   Koindex registration procedure Go to the Koindex registration page. https://koindex.io/auth/register/   Email Password Comfirm Password Enter the above 3 items and Confirm Invitation (Optional). Tap “Next”     Check “I’m not a robot”     A 6-digit verification code has arrived at […]

Learning”Koindex” -Turkey’s new Cryptocurrency exchange-

  This article translated Japanese article(【2020年】KOINDEX(コインデックス)まとめ!) into English using by Google Translate. “Koindex” introduced in this article is about investment. There is absolutely no investment. When I fail to invest, I don’t want to blame others, so I try to learn the essence, and after convincing myself, try to invest with surplus money. Take action […]

Collection rack easily made with wire lattices and zip ties

This article translates Japanese article(小学生がワイヤーラティスと結束バンドで簡単にコレクションシェルフを作る方法) into English by Google Translate. This time my daughter ordered to me a shelf to decorate the collection. I thought about a collection shelf make with zip tie so that my daughter can easily make it. ※My daughter was 9 years old at that time.   Material / Tool I […]